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Free Lifetime Membership for Early Access Users to VPLedger Announced

OpenLedger ApS is offering a limited number of free Lifetime Membership packages until 1 January 2020. Any user who purchases Lifetime Membership for 1,000 Vimples (costing EUR 500 during the testnet phase) will be refunded the full amount when mainnet launches in January.

Today, October 10th 2019, the testnet for a new kind of blockchain platform has officially launched. VPLedger will be the world’s first DLT framework for financial operations. The mainnet, scheduled for rollout in January 2020, will offer a private blockchain network, designed from the ground up for business integration and with mandatory KYC as a condition of use. Once verified, however, users will have absolute freedom to enjoy all the benefits of blockchain technology — including real-time transactions, smart contracts, stablecoins and decentralised currency exchange.

Moreover, anyone who purchases at least 1,000 Vimples (currently costing just EUR 500) will be able to claim free Lifetime Membership of VPLedger as a ‘Thank you’ from the VPLedger team for taking an interest at this early stage! The offer of free Lifetime Membership will only be available until the end of the year.

Limited special offer

After buying Vimples on the VPLedger testnet with euros or other major currencies, users can confirm the upgrade of Lifetime Membership from their VPLedger account for 1,000 Vimples. The 1,000 VPL will be credited back to their account on mainnet when it launches in 2020, making this a free gift from the VPLedger team!

Upon ordering Vimples online, a confirmation email will be sent to the user with full banking details for the transaction. Any amount of Vimples can be purchased at the 50% discount, though only one Lifetime Membership can be purchased per user. However, there is nothing to stop users on VPledger from sending Vimples to a friend or colleague’s account, enabling them to purchase Lifetime Membership too!

All users’ Membership status, as well as any Vimples in their balance, will automatically be carried across to the VPLedger mainnet next year. Vimples can therefore be stored safely on the VPLedger testnet, as well as sent to other users at this stage to test out the platform’s basic functionality.

Lifetime Members will receive a referral code and QR with code embedded and can start using it to sign up new members to the VPLedger testnet straight away. Just like their Vimple balances, their referrals history will be carried over to mainnet in January 2020 and they can start earning fees from every transaction their referrals make on the platform.

Benefits of purchasing Vimples during the ‘Early Access’ stage:

  • 50% discount on all Vimples ordered
  • Free Lifetime Membership for VPLedger, only available during testnet phase
  • 1,000 Vimple cost is refunded to the user on mainnet launch
  • Receive affiliate code and start referring new users
  • Establish residual income from referrals’ transaction fees and rebates of 60% on own transaction fees
  • Vimple balance and membership status automatically carried across to mainnet in 2020

Early Access and Lifetime Membership subscriptions

VPLedger is a product of OpenLedger ApS, and the company will be offering a limited amount of maximum 2 x 14,497 ‘Early Access’ Lifetime Membership subscriptions for sale until Global launch. OpenLedger ApS will sell 50% of these (14 497 subscriptions) on the OpenLedger website.

Meanwhile, the remaining 50% will be offered exclusively within the OpenLedger decentralised ecosystem in the form of 1:1 payment with OBITS.

Early Access will be available for VPLedger from October 10th, 2019. Lifetime Membership subscriptions will cost 1,000 Vimple tokens (VPL), the native currency of the SaaS platform. Vimples will be used to pay for all of the different operations on VPLedger. Right from initial launch and via console, this will further include digital token creation; access to a powerful API; execution of smart contracts on the VPLedger virtual machine using Ethereum technology; creation of decentralised applications (dApps) on the blockchain, and more.

This offers customers a unique opportunity to become early adopters and test out the first-of-its-kind DLT framework for SMEs. The discount means that, for a limited time, 1,000 Vimples (VPL) will cost just EUR 500, in various currencies on the VPLedger website, with the attractive possibility of free Lifetime Membership to go with it.

Early Access will end with the Global Launch of VPLedger, expected in January 2020, to coincide with the new year: the traditional time for new beginnings and positive change.

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VPLedger roadshow

Ronny Boesing, CEO of OpenLedger ApS and founder of VPLedger, will be travelling around the world to present VPLedger — the first blockchain platform built from the ground up for business adoption — to the cryptocurrency and blockchain community. Anyone interested in learning more about VPLedger or discussing potential partnerships can meet Ronny at any of the following events:

Further events will be announced as they are confirmed. If you would like to speak with Ronny at any of these, please connect with him via his LinkedIn profile to set up a meeting in advance to ensure availability.

Check the VPLedger website for further details of the VPLedger Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, Vimple tokens and the benefits of Lifetime Membership of the platform.

About OpenLedger:

OpenLedger with its team of more than 50 IT professionals located in Europe, helps transform your business with blockchain on the base of expertise, flexibility, agnostic approach and scalable tech.

The core business of OpenLedger ( is custom blockchain development for businesses, using both business and technical expertise to match strategic organizational goals with the appropriate blockchain tools and processes. The company also pursues its own blockchain projects, and collaborates with other businesses to create new products and services, including advisory roles.

Most recently, the company has created the VPLedger protective blockchain, designed to offer stability, security, ease of use, speed and regulatory compliance to a global business user base. Built on Graphene 3.0 and utilizing an entirely new consensus algorithm intended to maximize internal democracy without sacrificing the stability of the system, VPLedger will offer its users technical and legal protections while they carry out their business on the blockchain. (

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